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If you want to “know the scuttlebutt” about the Great Lakes, you now have a singular place to get that information. With great thanks to Forum Communications for coordinating the domain ownership transfer, Great Lakes Scuttlebutt’s website can now also be reached by visiting www.scuttlebutt.com.

The origin of the word ‘scuttlebutt’ dates back to the early 19th century when it was used to reference the barrel or cask of a ship in which the drinking water was stored during travels. Crew members would often gather there to talk while refreshing themselves, leading to its current slang usage referencing “water cooler gossip.”

“Being able to offer our readers a singular place for their Great Lakes boating information sets us up for a great future,” says Savannah Hess, Editor of Great Lakes Scuttlebutt. “Plus, it only makes sense that the word, and its domain, should point to a site that contains everything a Great Lakes boater might want to know or learn, including access to our free magazine.”

Containing nearly 4,000 articles and publishing more each day, www.greatlakesscuttlebutt.com – and now www.scuttlebutt.com – should be bookmarked in every Great Lakes boater’s browser. The site contains a wealth of information. Articles on every topic can be easily found by using keywords in a search box or by clicking on associated tags that link related articles. Dates and details about both local boat shows and major national boat shows are available in the calendar. Videos on board some of the most interesting Great Lakes boats and about companies serving Great Lakes boaters are produced regularly. The site also contains Great Lakes fishing trends, classified ads, a search tool for finding used boats in the area, and more.

A division of Kyle Media, Inc., a family-owned business specializing in the marine industry, Great Lakes Scuttlebutt focuses on consumer demands while its sister division, Marine Ad Network, focuses on digital marketing needs. This pairing has allowed Kyle Media, Inc. to experience exponential growth.

“We continue to innovate and evolve at Kyle Media, Inc. by consistently offering the most consolidated, singular place to speak to boaters,” says Erik Kyle, Publisher of Great Lakes Scuttlebutt and Owner of Kyle Media, Inc. “The largest concentration of boaters in the nation are in the Great Lakes and we have solutions to reach every one of them, and beyond.”

Get all your Great Lakes ‘scuttlebutt’ at www.greatlakesscuttlebutt.com or, now, at simply www.scuttlebutt.com today!